Free Shipping SG For Purchase Above MYR900

Free Shipping SG For Purchase Above MYR900

About Us

"International Chic With A Malaysian Touch"

TasBijoux was founded in 2013 by the Creative Director, Nur Zalikha in Kuala Lumpur as a humble online shop operated with the help of friends and family members. In 2016, TasBijoux incorporated as a full-time retailer with a small team to manage the business. Over the years, TasBijoux have established itself as one of Malaysia’s best retail destinations for leather goods, making it a trusted brand among collectors in Malaysia.

The physical office is located in the serene neighbourhood of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. In 2016, TasBijoux debuts its design studio that works with other independent craftsmen and workshops from around the world. The collaborating workshops and the team at TasBijoux, designs and curates collections together.

Before deciding on which type of leather grain or design to choose, the team thinks about how a design will be used and where it will be worn. Once a collection is ready to be put together, the Craftsmens will produce the bags with utmost care to ensure the bags will be loved by their future owners as well.

Completely focusing on the niche market of leather bag retail and design, the team hopes this unique approach will help clients and the women that inspires them feel confident and at ease that TasBijoux is a trustworthy brand in producing leather bags, as we strive to offer the best designs and service to the market.


TasBijoux products are made a number of collaborative sites, including Firenze, Milan and Budapest, all working together with the Kuala Lumpur office. The Firenze site is responsible for the Ready-To-Wear line, while the other workshops assists the Kuala Lumpur team for the fully-handmade and semi-handmade bespoke collections.

The procurement of raw materials are carefully screened to assure the necessary standards of craftsmanship, quality and reliability. Materials are sourced from different parts of Europe, including the Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary and Berlin, depending on the materials needed for the project.

The production stages are monitored carefully, from the inception of the design to the production of the prototypes and final products. The team has yearly visits to the factories and workshops, and the pieces are checked again before displaying them on the shelves of TasBijoux’s showroom.


Aside from producing the ready-to-wear collection, TasBijoux caters to custom-made projects as well. The services rendered by TasBijoux design team starts from the conception of the collection and procurement of raw materials, to the development of the design stages of each piece. The team is able to work as a credited collaborative contractor or as an external manufacturing contractor for any other designer/brand or corporation/MNC.

The duration to produce a collection of bespoke leather bags, depends on the complexity of the client’s brief. On average, the team could work anywhere between 6-months, up to a total of 12-month, where by then, the products will be ready to be delivered to the client.

The studio also accepts Bespoke bags requests where individual clients could request for a personalize custom-made bag with their own unique design brief. For a design brief to be completed, it will take about 3-months before the product is ready to be delivered to the client. Each project will be supervised by the Creative Director, Nur Zalikha and her team of designers.

For any further enquiries, please reach-out to our team by e-mail at: or call the office at 03-28567860 (Weekdays, 10AM to 5PM)