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Leather 101: PU OR LEATHER?

August 04, 2016

Leather 101: PU OR LEATHER?

As an effort by our team to share and educate the public on the knowledge of leather, we will put together a few write-ups based on our experience and training as leather goods retailer and designer. This is to help create a comfortable environment for the buyer to make better decisions when buying the leather goods. We hope with these posts, you will learn something new, and understand the passion we put into our work.

Differences Between Leather and PU

First thing, what is leather? Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide and skin, often cattle/lamb hide.

PU (polyurethane) on the other hand is basically plastic. It is not just cheap but is actually very cheap to produce compared to leather. It is made to provide the look and feel of real leather at an exceptionally lower cost.

Why you should choose Leather over PU?

Longer material lifespan. PU only last 1/3 of leather lifetime. Over a short time, PU will lost its shine and color.

That means you’d probably discard your PU bags after a certain period and on the other hand, you can still proudly pass on your leather bag to another person even after it has been used.

How to Differentiate Between Leather and PU?

Well, it is easy. Generally, the back side of the material tells its story. PU would generally feel rubbery/sticky due to the rubber compound used to produce it. Sometimes, they glue a piece of cloth on the back side to hide it.

Leather, on the other hand has suede on its back side. If you are experienced enough, you can tell whether it is leather or PU by just looking at the surface.

Our doors are always open if you’d like to see our leather handbags. Currently we have bags from Italy & Hungary and made from genuine Italian leather. Come visit us at Empire Damansara.

You will never go wrong if you go for leather. It looks classy and lasts longer thus providing more value for your money.


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