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Leather 101: Halal Leather

August 05, 2016

Leather 101: Halal Leather

In this second post of our "Leather 101" series, we talk about halal leather. We often receive questions regarding "halal" leather or non-pigskin leather. As a Muslim-owned company, it is our duty to ensure that all products are "safe" for your use, therefore ease your worries and carry a TasBijoux piece.

Only Calf/Lamb Skin Leather

This has been our policy from day one. We will reject any product that uses pig skin leather. We assure you that we do the necessary check with our suppliers first before sourcing for new product/design/color to ensure there is zero usage of pig skin in all our product.

Perhaps some understanding about pig skin usage. Pig skin are only used for the interior/lining of a leather product. You can find this mostly in shoes because it is said to provide more comfort.

It will not be used for the exterior (at least for all bags originating from Italy) solely because it doesn’t look great at all!

We utilize either fabric or printed PU (faux leather) for our products’ interior/lining. Leather lining would definitely cost more.

Keep calm and wear leather bags.


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